What would happen to the world if there’s No technology

Nowadays, technology has risen and grown very steady .Technology use are everywhere as it keeps on advancing, one invention after the next. Ultimately , we can say that ,”living without technology is like living without air” in this technical world of today.Therefore, we are much dependent on technology. There are positive and negative aspects of technology progression. The benefits of having technology can be vary and thus communication and education sometimes play the most important role among the population recently and they are such as below:-

Benefits of having Technology to the world in terms of communication:-

  • Speed : time is no longer a constraint in communication
  • Clarity : With megapixel images and video, and high fidelity audio systems clarity in communication has become a never-before experience.
  • Proximity :  technological advancements have made the world a smaller place to live in.
  • Dissemination : whether spreading information, broadcasting news, or sharing knowledge, technology has made it faster, easier, and smarter.

Benefits of having Technology to the world in terms of education:-

  • Personalized learning experience: Learners are able to take control and manage their own learning. They set their own goals, manage the process and content of learning, and communicate with peers.
  • Immediate response: Most e-learning programs provide immediate feedback on learner assessments. Similarly there are features such as chat, discussion boards, e-libraries, etc that allow clarifications at a faster pace than in traditional classrooms.
  • Self-paced: Learners can chart courses at their own pace. This ensures higher levels of motivation both in terms of completing the course as well as in performance.
  • Greater access: Technological advancements have opened education to learners with learning disabilities and in remote locations.

Overall, technology is in need among the population in this world as it benefits them in many aspects. Furthermore, imagine a world without technology and how it will affect the population who used to adapt to various kind of technology.

In conclusion, if there is no technology to the world, it  will go dull and the students are like living in a world without a useful resources and lack of information.




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