PC Preventive Maintenance

What is PC Preventive Maintenance?

When it comes to PC Preventive Maintenance, it is referred to carrying out measures to prevent problems from occurring, in contrast to corrective maintenance, which seeks to solve an already existing problem. In the long run, preventive maintenance saves time and money, protects your data, improves computer performance, and prolongs computer life. These are accomplished by considering and planning for the risks involved in working with computers (e.g. data loss, hardware failure).

PC Preventive Maintenance can be classified into three categories and they are:-

  1. Mechanical Maintenance is refers to general cleaning of the PC.
  2. Electrical Maintenance is refers to surges protection for your PC.
  3. Software and Hard Disk Maintenance is refers to Antivirus Software where it searches for viruses in the PC and also defragmenting your PC.

How to perform PC Preventive Maintenance?

Basically, they are several steps or checklists can be done in order to perform PC Preventive maintenance which it can be done by day, week, month and year.

Here are the important things need to perform by day:-

  • Run Malware, anti-spyware and antivirus programs at startup.
  • Empty the Recycle Bin at the Desktop.
  • Clean out browser files, or set the browsing history to zero.
  • Log off your user account.
  • Shut down the computer if necessary.
Next is the things you should do every week for your PC:-
  • Run Disk Clean Up Utility to get rid of temporary files, cookies, and other file debris.
  • Check hard drives for errors and capacity with Check Disk Utility.
  • Update malware and anti-virus software to download new virus definitions.
  • Verify all connections to computer workstations, printers, networks and other peripheral devices.
Later is the checklists for PC Preventive Maintenance which can be done every month:-
  • Rearrange fragmented files with Disk Defragmenter utility.
  • Backup files.
  • Restore files.
  • Uninstall unnecessary programs.
  • Run Windows Updates to download patches and updates/
  • Wipe monitor screen with a moist paper towel or cotton cloth.
  • Clean keyboard and mouse.
  • Clean printers – remove dust and bits of paper with compressed air/vacuum, and run automated monthly cleaning kits.
  • Clean printers’ paper and ribbon paths with a soft cloth.
  • Replace printer ink or other printer components as recommended by the manufacturer.
Lastly, it is the things that needs to perform done every year:-
  • Go over the inventory lists and update if necessary.
  • Clean air vents, power supply, and fan with compressed air or vacuum.
  • Gently wipe the dust off of the computer case, tower, drives, and ports.
  • Check condition of surge suppressors and uninterrupted power supplies.
  • Ensure that chips and expansion cards are firmly seated in the slots.
  • Check ports and cable connections, and look for signs of wear on cords and wires to avoid loose connectivity problems.
In additional, they are several steps which need to perform whenever changes are made within the PC and they are:-
  • Update backup records of CMOS Setup.
  • Keep a record of software and operating system installed on the PCs.
  • Keep a record of hardware and hardware settings installed on the Pcs.
  • Record when and what preventive maintenance is performed.
  • Record any repairs done to the PCs.

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