Function for types of software for preventive maintenance

Preventive Maintenance has been defined earlier and when it comes to types of software for preventive maintenance, they were various types of them, for example check the file system for errors, check disks for read errors, scan disk and files for virus an defrag hard disk volume. Thus, they have their own functions and some of them are as below:-

Checking for the file system consistency.

Function: To discover all error messages that indicate the need to run fsck .

Checking disks for read error.

Function: To find out whether there are problems with a hard drive and possibly as a solution to the problem. If disk error scans reveal errors that cannot be fixed, the user can replace the hard drive to avoid problems that might be caused by running a bad hard drive.

Scan disk and files for virus

Function: It is designed to repair damaged hard drive sectors and clusters on your computer’s hard drive. Furthermore, it provides a report that contains the errors it has found and the amount of disk space it has scanned.

Defrag hard disk Volume

Function: It brings them all back together, “defragmenting” them, which makes them easier to access for your computer, and therefore makes it faster to access the files.


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