PC Tool kits and their functions.

PC tool kit

  What is PC Tool kit?

It is actually provides you with all of the tools you will need to repair and maintain your computer. Basically, the features of the tools are depending on the prices itself. However, the most popular tool kits being used contain 20 pieces of kits.

20 Pieces Tool Kits and their function

Chip Inserter    Chip Inserter with pin straightener

Function: This tool is designed to insert a DIP chip into a circuit board.

Chip extractor

Chip Extractor  

Function: These tool is used to remove chips from regular (non-ZIF) sockets, but modern PCs do not generally use these sockets any more. It is useful for upgrading much older systems in some cases.


  Three Prong Parts Retriever

Function: This tool is mainly used to retrieve screws, although is also helpful in retrieving jammed bits in the motherboard.

Assembly Tweezers

 Function: It is a tools used for picking up and manipulating objects too small to be easily handled with human hand.

 Slotted Screwdriver – 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″, #1,#2 & #0

Function: It is a good screwdriver with magnetic, interchangeable bits and a comfortable handle. The magnetic tip will prevent screws falling into the PC, and will let you get access to drives mounted deep in your system case.

  Nut Driver 3/16″

 Function: It is the really important one because this is the size of nut most commonly used on PCs. These hexagonal nuts are used as mounting hardware for motherboards and serial and parallel ports.

 Nut Driver 1/4″

Function:  It allows one to use a single handle with a number of sizes instead of having a separate nut driver for each size.

Torx Screwdriver or Bits

Function: These are the star-shaped screwdriver heads that are used to make equipment “tamper-proof”.

  Long Nose Piler

Function: It also can help to cut wires and they can get in and out of tight spots, unlike regular pliers.

Needle Nose Tweezer

Function:These are useful for grasping small items and for removing and replacing jumpers on circuit boards.

 Spare Part Tube 

Function: These handy parts tubes is use to hold extra computer screws, nuts and washers.

 Soldering Iron

Function: It is essential for repairing circuit boards but seldom being used and it is quite dangerous for improper use.

 8″ Wire Cutter/Stripper

Function: It is for wire cutting and stripping insulation on single, multiple and fine stranded wire cables with plastic or rubber insulation.

 6″ Adjustable Wrench

Function: It is a spanner with a “jaw” of adjustable width which allow it to be used with different sizes of fastener head (nut, bolt etc.) rather than just one fastener, as with a conventional fixed spanner.


2 thoughts on “PC Tool kits and their functions.

  1. I have seen many PC hardware repair tools. But they lack some of that given here. These are looking some better that will make pc hardware repair easier.

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