Technology used during First World War (1914-1918)

The word technology means the invention, methods or the like. First world war happened in the year of 1914 to 1918 where it was said to be the first truly technological war. Basically, there were many methods or technologies can be used during the war. During the first world war, many ideas were pioneered over the use of tanks and the new system of communication.

Communication plays very important role for all the armies during the war. Once the communication is broke down the results could be fatal. Based from the history of first world war, it happened in 1914 to 1918 where most of them used up-to-date technologies and others dated from more historic conflicts.

As communicating with each others are very important, there were multiple technologies were used in terms of communication such as telephone, radio, visual communication, radar, and also pigeons.

In this post, it is one of the example where most of the aircraft armies used during the first world war. This technology known as Aircraft Radio Telephony Transmitter.

Aircraft Radio Telephony Transmitter may be benefits to the armies rather than they used the old techniques which is raising flags and hand signals. With this technology, it was invented in order to direct the aims of artillery and also to report the enemy troop movements.

This radio telephony transmitter consists of microphone with a round valve. This equipment was installed on the aircraft during the first world war. By installing this radio communication equipment, the advantages has been seen between the aircraft as well as ground to air communication.

The picture above is the inventor of radio communication and he is Guglielmo Marconi. He’s an Italian creator where he spent most of his working life in England where he introduced many of the first uses of wireless telegraphy to European navies.

Overall, it was a success technology even though there were still a number of navies died furthermore there are some survived during the World War I.


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